PaintPRO Vol 2, No 2

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Contractor Profile: The Hoppe Bros.
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Sherwin-Williams New UltraCrete Texture Coating

UltraCrete Texture Coating, from Sherwin-Williams, visually enhances exterior masonry surfaces easily and economically, providing a textured, uniform finish that adds aesthetic interest to otherwise ordinary or bland tilt-up, CMU or pre-cast panel surfaces.

UltraCrete Texture Coating’s trouble-free spray-on formula means the project the project can be completed with a minimum of application problems, saving valuable time and ensuring a quality finished appearance. Existing textured surfaces can be easily matched with UltraCrete to deliver a clean, consistent appearance across the buildings exterior. And, because UltraCrete is available in three different textures, plus a wide variety of factory-tint or store-tint custom colors, aesthetic enhancement possibilities are numerous. What’s more, UltraCrete Texture Coating offers good color retention, so the project will stay attractive longer, and require fewer repaints.

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