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Zinsser Jomax Mildew Killer & House Cleaner

Exterior mildew can be killed and removed quickly and easily with Jomax Mildew Killer & House Cleaner, a new product from Wm. Zinsser & Co.

Jomax is a cost -effective, concentrated cleaner with a patented formula containing an EPA-registered mildewcide, a high-performance surface cleaning detergent, and a powerful bleach activator. When mixed with water and ordinary household bleach, Jomax is highly effective at killing and removing mold and mldew spores on non-porous surfaces such as wood, vinyl and aluminum siding, stained or painted decks and fences, stucco,brick, painted concrete and cement block. It loosens dirt and lifts stains without the need for scrubbing-just mix, spray, and rinse. And this concentrated cleaner is economical- a single gallon makes 20 gallons of surface cleaner, enough to clean an entire house.

Using Jomax to kill mildew is more effective than usig bleach and water. It is also safer. The unique and powerful bleach activator in Jomax increases the cleaning power of chlorine bleach and provides stain removal at a low bleach concentration. It reduces the alkalinity of the bleach to safe levels so that the cleaner won’t harm surrounding grass or plants. And it will not damage or discolor painted surfaces.

Using Jomax is also better than using TSP, as it rinses easily and leaves no residue. A phosphate residue left from TSP can serve as food for future mildew growth. And with Jomax there are no harsh, annoying fumes.

Mildew is a fungus that grows best in shaded, humid and warm areas where air is stagnant like ehind bushes and under eaves. It is also commonly found on porch ceilings and on the north-facing side of a home. To test if staining on exterior surfaces is mildew or simply dirt, apply a few drops of household bleach to an inconspicyous area. If the stain bleaches out in a few seconds, it is mildew. (Use caution in applying as full-strength bleach can discolor the finish).

To prevent recurring mildew, clean the surface with Jomax and apply a high-quality exterior house paint that resists mildew groeth, like Zinsser’s Perma-White Mildew-Proof Exterior Paint.
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