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PaintPRO Archives — Product News

Zinsser GARDZ High-Performance Sealer for Damaged Drywall

When it comes to redecorating, a common and frustrating problem is stripping old wallcovering and ending up with torn, damaged drywall facing paper. To address this, the Zinsser Company has introduced “GARDZ,” an innovative, high-performance sealer for damaged drywall which restores and prepares wallboard surfaces for the application of “skim coat, ”a thin layer of spackling or joint compound that smooths and evens out the surface. GARDZ is a clear coating that penetrates and seals down torn drywall facing paper. It creates a secure and sound surface, eliminating annoying paper bubbles and blisters that can occur during the application of skim coat over damaged areas.

This product can also be used as a sealer over skim coat before applying new paint or wallpaper. It will protect the drywall from any further damage during future redecorating projects.

GARDZ replaces the need for sealing the surface with an oil-based primer. It’s more effective at eliminating paper bubbles, and it won’t raise the nap of the drywall facing paper. It’s also easier to roll on, and has lower odor. The water-based formula dries rapidly so skim coating, top-coating, or wallpapering can be done within two hours of application.

As a rule of thumb, before wallpaper is installed over new drywall, the surface should be primed with a protective primer to prevent tearing of the facing paper upon removal. A popular brand called SHIELDZ, also from Zinsser, seals and “shields” or protects new drywall so that you don’t have these types of problems when redecorating.
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