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PaintPRO Archives — Product News

Score N’ Snap tool combo
Warner Tool offers a two-in-one product that makes it easier to measure and score straight lines in sheetrock, wallboard and other materials. The Warner Score N’ Snap includes a 25-foot Wide Boy™ Tape Measure as well as the Rasp N’ Knife™, a utility knife that doubles as a rasp for smoothing drywall edges or rounding cutouts. Go to article ›››

Holster makes blade changing a snap
Professional wallpaper hanger Mary Kay Hansen has introduced a new tool called the BLADEater, which she says is safer and quicker than anything else on the market. Go to article ›››

Finding a new angle
The Angle Finder makes it easy to read any angle — inside or outside — directly from a scale. The Angle Finder can also be used to find the center of any cylindrical object, whether large or small. Go to article ›››

Get ready for graffiti
Dumond Chemicals has come out with SC-101 Sacrificial Graffiti Barrier Coating, which repels graffiti before it has a chance to penetrate. Go to article ›››

Mold no more
J&M Products has secured an exclusive contract to distribute Healthy Walls products, a new line of mold-proofing products designed to reduce or eliminate the growth of toxic mold on wood, cement, masonry, stucco and gypsum. Go to article ›››

Topcoat protects faux finishes
Aqua Faux Decorators Varnish provides a non-glare, non-reflective finish. Dead Flat Clear is a water-based, ultraviolet resistant, clear topcoat that is designed to provide extra protection to faux and decorative finishes. Go to article ›››

Paint storage on the job
For faux finishers and stencilers, the Close-N-Go™ Covered Paint Tray from Ronan Decorating Products offers an easy way to store leftover paint overnight.
Go to article ›››

Getting a better handle on scrapers
Warner Tool has redesigned its 100X Paint Scrapers. As always, the scrapers feature tungsten carbide blades that are harder and sharper than hardened steel blades. According to Warner, the blades last 100 times longer than ordinary blades and are diamond-ground to be ten times sharper. Go to article ›››

Estimating Tool for Painters
PEP Associates is offering the Painter’s Estimating Program. PEP was developed by a painter, so it’s easy to use; it speaks the language of all painters without the need for complicated manuals. Go to article ›››


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