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PaintPRO Archives — Product Profiles

business card CD


Business Card CD
The new Business Card CD — about the same size as a regular business card — will distinguish you from your competition. When your prospective customers put the mini-CD in their computer disk drive, they’ll get a full presentation of your company and services. The basic package includes a musical introduction with up to 8 slides, 5 pages of information, up to 10 photographs, and links to your Web site and e-mail.

evelopment costs as little as $395; you can make your own copies or have Evergreen Technology make them for you. This is one business card that won’t get thrown away. For more information, visit the Evergreen Technology Web site or call (800) 697-5413.

door deckersDoor Deckers
Finishing doors is one of a painter’s least favorite jobs. Often a lot of doors need to be done in a short period of time in a small amount of space. And, of course, the finish must be perfect. Door Deckers attach to the ends of the door and provide “legs” that suspend it away from other surfaces and allow finishing in a horizontal position. This eliminates the runs and sags that are often the product of working with the door in a vertical position. Convenient handles let you turn the door to finish both sides and edges at the same time. Door Deckers also allow finished doors of varying widths to be stacked to dry in a small area. They are ideal for solid or hollow-core wood doors, metal doors, shutters and shelves.

For more information, visit the Speed Painting Web site or call (806) 355-4360.

franklin benderFranklin Bender
The Franklin Bender will speed up roller applications on every job. Put one on your extension pole and easily change painting angles by pushing a button — without interrupting the job, slowing down your pace, or getting paint on your hands. The Bender allows you to reach low places without bending over. It’s easy to get at unusual angles on roofs, walls and floors, and higher places can often be reached with no ladder. It is made by Franklin Tool Systems of Sacramento, Calif. For more information, visit the Franklin Tools Web site or call (800) 238-8404.

brush cleaner and conditionerLABR/SAVR
This brush cleaner will restore virtually any hardened brush to original condition. Even better, it enables you to maintain your brushes so they never require restoration. After soaking brushes in 2-4 parts water/1 part LABR/SAVR solution, you can just hose them clean. Extreme cases might require slight wire brushing.

LABR/SAVR recommends alternating two brushes as you paint. When the first brush becomes unworkable, hose it out and place it in the cleaning solution. By the time the second brush is unworkable, you simply hose out the wet paint, place it in the solution, remove the first brush, and hose it clean. Most paints will not require wire brushing. Brushes will last longer because there will be no damage from aggressive cleaning tactics. LABR/SAVR can be used indefinitely: Just pour it into another container after the solids settle out. It is suitable only for synthetic bristles, because it will dissolve natural bristles, and is effective on latex and oil-based paints; urethanes (pigmented and non); polyurethane; oil and latex DTM; shellacs (pigmented and non); fast dry enamels and more. For information, call The Solutions Group at (360) 903-4442.

spray rangerSpray Ranger
Preparing a house for painting? The Spray Ranger makes quick work of even the toughest mildew jobs. Powered by a garden hose, the spray applicator makes it easy to apply bleach solutions, wood brighteners, stripper/cleaners or any other water-soluble product made for prepping wood or painted surfaces. The Spray Ranger also works well for cleaning concrete.

Long-range spraying is made easy by a 50-foot hose under constant pressure. Accessories such as a longer wand and special tips eliminate the need for a ladder on buildings up to three stories The Spray Ranger requires no power, so there’s no noise.

The Spray Ranger has an adjustable dilution system that converts the 2-gallon transparent tank into 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, or 15 gallons accurately. It’s easy to clean, and built of heavy-duty materials that stand up to corrosive chemicals. We tested this product out at PaintPRO and found it easy to use and a great alternative to conventional pump sprayers. Visit the Spray Ranger Web site or call (805) 995-3857.


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