PaintPRO, Vol. 9, No. 6
November/December 2007
PaintPRO, Vol 9 No 5

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PaintPRO Archives — Product News

Pro-Tough Portable Forced Air Heaters by DESA Heating

The new Pro-Tough series of portable forced-air heaters from DESA Heating are easier to maneuver and more portable than traditional forced-air heaters. The heavy-duty, wheelbarrow-inspired design features ergonomic handles and a single 10-inch pneumatic tire, making it easy to transport through even the roughest construction sites. Pro-Tough is available in three models, all with 13.5-gallon fuel tanks, to accommodate a variety of heating needs. Fuel options include kerosene, diesel, jet fuel and fuel oil.

The 100,000 btu/hour Pro-Tough model will heat 2,400 square feet, the 150,000-btu/hour version will heat 3,500 square feet and 200,000-btu/hour edition will heat 4,700 square feet. The new Pro-Tough models are designed to eliminate the lower-back stress caused by lifting and moving “portable” heaters around a job site. The wheelbarrow-inspired design makes the Pro-Tough easy to maneuver over rocks, curbs, steep planks and uneven terrain. Ergonomic handles offer improved maneuverability.
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