PaintPRO , Vol. 6, No. 5
September/October 2004

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PaintPRO Archives — Industry News

Mr.LongArm Inc. has joined the
We Employ America (WEA) program

Manufacturer pledges to support U.S. economy
Mr.LongArm Inc. has joined the We Employ America (WEA) program, a national initiative that joins together American companies and consumers to help promote domestic manufacturing and employment.

The company was subject to strict eligibility criteria in order to join the program. Enrolling companies must meet a minimum standard of 65 percent U.S. content, combining labor and component costs.

“When consumers buy a product with the WEA logo, they are directly supporting American jobs and business,” says Deré Newman, president of Mr.LongArm. “We believe the American public understands the crisis that many of their fellow workers and companies are facing, and will use their power as consumers to help their fellow Americans and the companies that employ them.”

The WEA program is the only “Made in the United States” initiative that sets strict guidelines for compliance. Consumers presently face a confusing array of symbols and logos that seem to indicate products are manufactured in America. WEA says it is the only one that maintains an actual percentage requirement for domestic material or labor content. According to the association, some labeling is legally deceptive; for example, a completely foreign-manufactured product can use an American flag or similar symbol on its packaging or advertising, as long as there is no accompanying verbiage explicitly stating that it is made in the U.S.

Mr.LongArm and its parent company, Specialty Products, have manufactured quality extension poles and accessories since 1958. For more information, visit the Mr. Longarm Web site. For more information on WEA, visit the WEA Web site.


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