PaintPRO , Vol. 6, No. 5
September/October 2004

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Contractor Profile: Norcal Wood
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PaintPRO Archives — Product News

Ready-Strip Deck-Brite
Wood cleaner is biodegradable
Ready-Strip Deck-Brite is a superior brightener and cleaner for decks and other exterior surfaces. It is biodegradable, non-flammable and contains no methylene chloride. Excellent for brightening and cleaning weathered or new wood, it can also remove mill glaze. It is very effective for cleaning dirt, mildew and other stains.
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Ground Heaters Air Heater
Get ready for cold weather
Ground Heaters Inc. has introduced an air heater that is ideal for temporarily heating large enclosed spaces and multistory buildings while under construction. The unit uses a trailer-mounted hydronic heater to heat the unit’s 140 gallons of heat transfer fluid up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Go to article ›››

Ronan Paint Chem Lock Clear
Coating stands up to graffiti removal
Ronan Paint has introduced Chem Lock Clear, a waterborne, anti-graffiti two-component aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating system that, when fully cured, exhibits outstanding resistance to the chemicals used in graffiti removal. Go to article ›››

Pittsburgh Paints' Sun-Proof
Sun-Proof offers new line of stains, toners and clears
Pittsburgh Paints’ new Sun-Proof exterior wood product line utilizes innovative resin technology to guarantee unparalleled wood protection. The three unique Sun-Proof formulas — alkyd/oil, 100-percent acrylic latex, and a revolutionary new acrylic/oil — continue Sun-Proof’s tradition of providing advanced wood treatment products.
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Akzo Nobel's Sikkens Brand Rubbol Siding Finish
Finish offers the best of two worlds
Designed for exterior wood surfaces, Akzo Nobel’s Rubbol Siding Finish, launched under the Sikkens brand, utilizes the company’s innovative hybrid alkyd/acrylic formulation, specifically engineered to give the advantages of both an alkyd and an acrylic.
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Akzo Nobel's Synteko Exceptional Floor Finishes
Floor finish offers easy application
Synteko Exceptional Floor Finishes, a division of Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings North America (DCNA), has launched Synteko Natural, a high-solids alkyd floor finish for commercial and residential hardwood floors. Go to article ›››

Stanley MaxFinish Paint Roller
Paint roller features Microfiber Technology
The Stanley MaxFinish Paint Roller offers painters of all levels and experience up to twice the surface coverage when compared to other paint rollers. The secret to the roller’s superior painting power is in its Microfiber Technology. Go to article ›››

DeVilbiss VTX Spray Gun
Spray gun offers great consistency
The new DeVilbiss VTX Spray Gun is the first to employ Jet Impingement Atomization (JIA) to revolutionize wood finishing stain applications. This method significantly improves pattern coverage uniformity, color consistency, and process capability, while virtually eliminating mottling and haloing, resulting in a marked reduction in rework.
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Devoe Paint's Monochromatic Gray Base System
More hide, fewer topcoats with Devoe’s gray primers
Devoe Paint’s new Monochromatic Gray Base System uses various shades of gray primers to match up the light reflectance value of the basecoat and the topcoat. Even a color with very poor hide can achieve a smooth finish in just a couple of coats rather than four or five.
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Sherwin-Williams E-Barrier
Conserve energy with barrier coating
E-Barrier is a new radiant barrier coating from Sherwin-Williams that contains microscopic reflective particles that help keep radiant energy from transferring in or out of homes or buildings. Go to article ›››

Simpson Coatings Group Miracle Sand
Spray product eliminates paint flaws
The Simpson Coatings Group has introduced Miracle Sand, a clear, biodegradable, zero-VOC spray product that allows painters to remove surface flaws on freshly or previously coated wood, metal, masonry/drywall and plastic surface substrates without the mess or exposure to dust and sand particulates. Go to article ›››

Ultra-Strip Paint Remover from Back to Nature
Paint remover does the job while guarding your health
Ultra-Strip is a new industrial-strength paint remover from Back to Nature. Where speed of removal is critical, a lighter coat of Ultra-Strip will remove one to four layers in 15 minutes to four hours. For tougher jobs or coatings, a heavier application will remove multiple layers of paint in one application. Go to article ›››

Key Chip-100 Flooring Key Resin Company
Decorative floor finish is low maintenance
Key Chip-100 Flooring, from Key Resin Company, offers an easy-to-clean, decorative surface at an affordable price. The 100-percent-solids, low-maintenance flooring system is specially formulated to produce a dense, non-porous surface that is ideal for light-to-medium traffic areas such as classrooms, bathrooms, lobbies and even residential garage floors.
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