PaintPRO , Vol. 6, No. 5
September/October 2004

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PaintPRO Archives — Industry News

XIM Products Inc.

Anti-corrosive primers receive technical awards
XIM Products Inc., of Westlake, Ohio, was one of several companies and organizations recognized for innovative products at the 11th annual Northeast Ohio Technology Coalition Awards.

Along with PolyOne Corp., which was recognized for a conductive polymer with potential anti-corrosive properties, XIM was recognized for the innovative formulation of this conductive polymer into waterborne coatings and primers.

XIM has developed several coatings and primers incorporating the conductive primer. The incorporation of the conductive primer and a sacrificial metal as a supporting resin system for waterborne primers and coatings gives the coatings unique corrosion-fighting, cathodic protection. XIM’s products dramatically increased the corrosion protection compared to that expected from conventional corrosion-protection coatings.

For example, XIM has a waterborne latex coating that is rated excellent after 2,000 hours of salt fog testing on scribed, Bonderite 1,000 steel panels. The new technology also gives much longer corrosion protection to a conventional 2K epoxy, and allows the 2K epoxy to approach the performance of a three-component, zinc-rich epoxy system. XIM is marketing these products under the names Corrosion Control and Ultra-Bond. For more information, call XIM at (800) 262-8469.


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